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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 13, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> takes a heck of a super bowl to beat our friend, wayne of m.a.s.h., we're proud to have you here here. >> watch the reruns. have a great weekend. >> three dead, three wounded and a lot of questions at the university of alabama huntsville. the shooter, a harvard trained biologist reportedly angry because she was denied tenure. we're live in huntsville. the u.s. military and the afghan army turning up the heat on the taliban, the opening hours of a major offensive and we'll go live to daytona, they're kicking off the nascar season and we'll talk to a nascar driver and of course join in the endless discussion whether danica patrick is ready to go fast and turn left. i'm brian wilson, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> it now appears that tenure was the topic at a fatal faculty meeting at the
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university of alabama huntsville. authorities say a biology professor opened fire on her colleagues killing three people and injuring three others. now, our reporter is on the scene and in the next few minutes we're expecting there will be a press conference from the university of alabama huntsville, we're going to hear from university and law enforcement officials, we are monitoring that and we will go to it as soon as it starts to happen. so, stay with us on that. right now, in southern afghanistan, a major offensive is underway to drive out the taliban. early this morning, n.a.t.o. and u.s. forces, we'll pause just a moment, i'm being told, let's go to the university of alabama huntsville where that press conference has just begun. >> from the university, from the city of huntsville, and from madison county, to help those in need at this time. we have grief counselors here on our campus, working with
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our students. the degree of outpouring has been such that we have more counselors than we have students requesting help at this moment. >> the university will be open next week, but there will be no classes. and members of the faculty and staff who feel that they wish to come to work are encouraged to do so. those who do not feel that they can do that, we understand. our campus minister, natalie bennett, has arranged for a prayer service to be held in the center tomorrow, sunday, at noon. again, we encourage all of those on the campus community and from the surrounding areas, who wish to come and share their grief to come to that event. again, we reiterate that our concern is for our students.
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but we are a resilient community, and we know that they will come together to overcome these difficult times. thank you very much. >> so that is the opening statement from the university officials, now, let's listen to the law enforcement officials there on the scene for just a moment. >> as you know, emergency personnel trained for these incidents so we can respond and work together to protect lives and rescue the injured. yesterday was an example of a cooperative effort of the multi-agency response to a critical incident. the initial call came out at approximately 3:57 central time yesterday. advising that there was a shooting at the shelby center with multiple injuries. the first responders arrived at approximately 4 p.m. the first units arrived and immediately entered the building to respond to the
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shooter. minutes later, we had a suspect in custody. e.m.s. then evacuated the injured and a special response team cleared approximately a five acre building in approximately an hour and a half. they were able to remove-- they were able to remove the people that were actually still in the building and make sure that the building was cleared. investigators then began the task of piecing together the answers and searching the crime scene to locate the weapon that was involved in the shooting. at approximately 9:15 last night, the weapon was recovered, and investigators continued to work through the night and investigating the crime scene. you always ask why in a situation like this, there may never be a clear answer to thatme thatment, but what we do know is that there were extraordinary citizens who helped save lives of others in
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a very horrific situation. these people, those actions should be commended as we work our way through this and what i'm going to do now is to turn this over to chief henry rice to talk a little about the suspect's identity and the charges that we now have against them. >> good morning. on february 12th, 2010, dr. amy bishop-anderson, white female, 45, was attending a meeting at uah. dr. anderson allegedly produced a weapon and began shooting the attendees, three individuals were killed. marie davis, 50 of huntsville, adrian johnson, 52 of huntsville padilla, 52 of madison and we had three additional individuals that were shot and transported to the hospital. dr. joseph leahy, 50 of madison, stephanie mon cello, 62 of huntsville and louise
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cruz vera. >> mrs. anderson had been detained by law enforcement as she had been attempting to leave the premise. at the time she's been charged with one count of capital murder. we have further charges pending and we're currenting creme work, and our investigators are working with the chief's investigators and we'll get the charges along with the district attorney's office and we will have further charges pending and one thing we have is a good cooperative effort between all the agencies that have been involved and that's why we have a joint investigation going at this time with us and ua huntsville shall the police chief. chief gailes do you want to say anything? >> thank you. again, i want to emphasize that this is an ongoing investigation, we continue to talk to people and gather information and ascertain what happened and make sure that the appropriate charges are made.
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again, we should think all the law enforcement agencies that responded to a very quick effort. >> brian: we are going to back out of this press conference, it does continue on, streaming from huntsville, alabama. we do have a reporter on the scene who will be monitoring the rest of this press conference and we'll come back to us later in the hour with more details of what we've learned, but we do have confirmation that the person who has been charged is an amy bishop anderson. she's been charged one count of capital murder. three people dead, three people sent to the hospital in a tragic shooting yesterday afternoon at the university of alabama, huntsville. we'll continue to watch that story and move on to some other big stories that we need to tell you about because right now in southern afghanistan a major offensive is underway to drive out the taliban. early this morning, u.s.-led n.a.t.o. forces and afghan soldiers stormed the town of marja by air and ground and mike emanuel has the details of the operation.
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hello, mike. >> yes, u.s. and n.a.t.o. and afghan forces are meeting what they describe as scattered resistance, they launched the largest offensive since the war in afghanistan began. u.s. marines and afghan troops are operating in the taliban strong hold of marja and it's terrain is tough and a lot will be done on foot. helicopter support. about 60 helicopters with serious fire power. the offensive was telegraphed widely discussed ahead of time so innocent afghanistan could get out of harm's way. u.s. commanders were expecting about a thousand hard core taliban commanders and fighters would stay and fight and the hope has been that low level taliban would put down their weapons and walk away. because the locals and enemy knew they were coming, there was a fear of booby traps and ied's and a bish commander spoke about that danger. >> we've got some challenges, i think, need to be uncovered.
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and the first challenge i think will be the threat from improvised explosive devices and people should be under no illusions that this is a very significant threat and that these areas, which have not been governed for a long time and now riddled with the mines and the eid's which have to come. >> it's in the southern afghanistan, an area where taliban and drug traffickers have operated for many years, and farmers are paid to grow poppy used to make heroin and the ultimate from a that ultimately finances the insurgency. taking marjah is an important moment some described as a game changer. the first significant offensive sips general stanley mcchrystal took control of the war in afghanistan and a major emphasis putting an afghan face on this operation, getting afghan troops out to the front. we'll have updates throughout the day, brian. >> brian: mike emanuel on the job at the pentagon, good to have you, thanks much. well, joining me now are fox news military analyst bob
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scales and former professor of islamic studies at american university. we'll talk about that, first, again scales, mcchrystal has proven himself to be a smart tactician. >> the tactic is pretty straight forward. a sweep through marjah to clear out the hard core elements, about a thousand and that gives mcchrystal an offensive ratio 10-1 about right for this style of operation, but more importantly is the follow on operation, what mcchrystal has done following his doctrine, he's put depth into this operation. he doesn't treat this as a sweep. he treats this as a very, very long campaign to win the hearts and minds of the people. that's why he was very careful to tell the afghan people, in the city, that they were coming in an effort to try to reduce civilian casualties and damage to the city. >> brian: one other point on this, there's some risk associated with that move, doing that, isn't there? >> there is, but in the past the taliban really hasn't sort of bunkered in as we saw in a
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place like fallujah in iraq, not perhaps the risk that the media is sort of creating right now. >> brian: mr. ambassador, balk about this particular region and why it's so crucial to what they're trying to do. >> it's crucial because this is the zone where the taliban comes from. in terms of tribal strategy, what the taliban will do they're not going to fight a pitch the battled, no question about the quality of the american troops, they're background to melt away, disappear and i'm afraid cross over into pakistan. while the pressure is removed from hellmand province, look at the countries at the same time. >> brian: if you get the region under control, you go to solve the problem. >> in the meantime the pakistan army is squeezing on the pakistan side. >> not only is this a strong hold of the taliban, it's also a strong hold of those who grow and contribute narcotics.
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>> the poppy, opium plants there. at the same time, brian, it's important for your viewers to know that there are moves afoot to start talking to those taliban who are prepared to, as it were, negotiate at the table. >> so, will they be holding this territory or letting the afghans take over that particular role? >> both, brian. they will be there for a while, but the plan is for every two marines soldiers, there is an afghan soldier, so the object is to put not only the soldiers in the city, but put the government in the city and have the marines pull out and make this what it should be, which is an afghan show. >> brian: all right, we are going to leave it there. gentlemen, it's good to have you, thank you so much. be sure to tune into fox news sunday tomorrow morning, chris wallace will sit down with national security advisor jim jones and lindsey graham, senator graham leading the push to prevent terror suspects from being tried in civilian courts. you want to check your local listings for the time and channel for fox news sunday. astronauts at the international space station have hit a snag with a new
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space station room. a cover that is supposed to go between the new training quilt module and the observation deck is apparently not locking properly. that cover is needed to protect the seals and docking mechanisms from the intense cold of space. tranquillity is the observatory module to provide views of the earth and walks outside the space station. toyota recalling another model. tacoma pickup truck, flagged because of problems with the drive shaft. >>. that could cause drivers to lose control. caroline shively has more from our washington news room. hello, caroline. >> hello, brian. that recall plus a stern warning from the u.s. transportation secretary, here is ray la mood speaking in illinois. >> i want the american people and people who drive toyota to know we'll hold toyota's feet to the fire on this. it's serious, and we take it seriously. >> toyota as you mentioned just recalled about 8,000 of
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2010 tacoma four wheel drive trucks so they can take a better look at the drive shaft, worried about the cracks that could make it separate at the joints. that makes a full dozen models that toyota has recently recalled for repairs, some dating back to 2004. there are some for me to go through individually, but they're listing them on the screen for you. some of the recalls involve a surge in accelerator, others a breaking prem problem and more the floor mat. they're contacting owners to come in for the fix. a house committee, the toyota gas pedal, is the public at risk this week? that hearing got snowed out, but it's rescheduled for later this month. a memo sent to committee members says there's a growing body evidence that they haven't identified all the causes of the sudden acceleration problems and some of the vehicles. the company says it's lost 2 billion in repairs and sales and that's before the prius and lexus and tacoma recalls. dozens have been filed against the toyota, including two filed friday that says
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uncontrollable acceleration killed two people in nebraska and mississippi. brian, back to you. >> brian: there was another recall on tacoma model trucks, rusting frames and toyota's got real problems right now. thank you. >> you bet. >> brian: olympic officials are make changing to the luge track after a death of a georgian deem member. the seven man delegation wore black arm bands, to honor their teammate who died during the training run. they found no indication the accident was caused by deficiencies in the track. meanwhile, the weather isn't cooperating in vancouver. the men's downhill event has been postponed because of a slushy course. the first women's event was also delayed because of warmer than expected temperatures. a rare storm hit the deep south of this country yesterday.
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bringing snow to some places that haven't seen snow in more than a decade. meteorologist domenica davis with the latest forecast. what's the latest. >> these are a look at the snow totals. unbelievable. the storm is over now, but it's done its damage and you can see there in parts of texas we have over a foot in some spots. so this is snow in areas where they're not used to snow and a lot of it's come down. columbia, 8.3 and the system has cleared and we're waiting for a new system to move in it's forming right here, through the northern plains and it will track through the mid atlantic by the beginning of the work week. i'll tell you more about that coming up in the next hour, brian. >> brian: domenica davis, thank you so much. the super bowl of stock car praying, the eyes of nascar nation are focusing this weeked. one senate candidate hopes he can ride to victory between the worlds of politics and
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nascar. they're standing by with our own rick reichmuth. hello, rick. >> brian, yeah, it's daytona 500 and everybody knows the daytona is all about sponsorship and the congressman meek, you're running for united states senate and you think you can get into the sponsorship game in nascar as a democrat typically potentially more sympathetic to republicans. what makes you think you can break in with this race? >> i consider is already broken into. you used to be a state triper here in florida for about five years, and i always enjoyed nascar and this is not my first race, but first time sponsoring. what better guy to sponsor than mike wallace. this is great. >> what do you say to skeptics to might think this is a gimmick getting into nascar? >> it's not a gimmick, it's really an opportunity for voters to get to know me for who i am. that's what emexes are all about. and we've been out here talking to fans all day. this helping my campaign obviously. this is a big economic boon for this area and nascar is
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known here in florida. big footprint. and this is almost the super bowl of the whole nascar experience. he so i'm glad to be a part of it. >> certainly is. one of the families a juggernaut of nascar, one of the geese you're sponsoring, mike wallace, you have something in common. you come from a district that has a haitian population and you also work with an organization that's doing some relief to people from haiti. >> double you can go to. more of a humanitarian group, not just a relief group for the earthquake. double harvest has been in haiti for 30 years and port-au-prince. and my daughter married into the van winkleton family that owned and organized this. and i want to get the word out with the tragedy that's down there, the congressman and i have haiti in common and they need some help so we need somebody to you know, pick up the phone, the internet, whatever, donate some causes and we're going to win the nationwide race here today to try to get the word out
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better. >> and you need help today. today in the nationwide series two big things going on. everybody is talking about danica patrick making her debut in nascar today and you have a daughter make ago debut, two women racing, is this going to change the way you race today. >> i don't know if it's going to change the way i race today, but i'm trying to win the race and noi my daughter, christy, her inaugural event in the nationwide series and of course danica is here, the whole world knows that by now. we've got the congressman on board, a lot of history going on plus the first time in nascar history that four family members have ever been in a nascar race. my brother-- all with the last name of wallace, kenny, steven, christine and myself, we're excited about it. >> you should be. stay safe, back to you in the studio. >> brian: all right, rick, good stuff. later, we'll talk more about this danica patrick thing, i mean, everybody who loves racing is wanting to know how she's going to do. by the way, fox is your place for this weekend's daytona 500, that's the fox television network. tune into your local fox
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affiliate for full coverage of the great american race, coverage of tomorrow's race starts at noon eastern, 9 a.m. pacific time. now, should the federal government be able to require you to buy health insurance? it's one of the tenets of the democratic health care reform proposal, but some states are taking preemptive action to make sure that does not happen. we'll show you how one state is telling congressional democrats i don't think so. back in a moment. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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>> president barack obama's invitation to a televised health care summit is drawing mixed reactions from the g.o.p. some house republicans say the february 25th event is little more than a political theater. but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he would work with the white house to make the meeting effective. nearly 40 legislators have been invited to craft a bipartisan agreement. now, if president obama's reform effort passes congress, chances are it's going to run into more rough sledding when it comes time to put into effect a particular part of that bill, particularly in the commonwealth of virginia. the general assembly there has just passed a law that makes
12:25 pm
it illegal to force citizens to buy health insurance. delegate bob marshal is the assemblyman who wrote the bill and passed the house of delegates, right. >> yes, sir. >> brian: it has to go through the senate. >> a companion bill has passed both the house and senate. >> brian: this is fait accompli. >> correct. >> brian: let's talk about this, you basically came up with this idea that says if the federal government says that i have to go out and buy insurance, you think that the state of virginia, the commonwealth of virginia has the right to say no. >> i know they don't. the proponent of this the interstate commerce power gives congress the right to do this. wrong. the supremacy clause presumes that the law passed is constitutional. in two cases with new york state with respect to nuclear waste and with montana with respect to people registering guns into a background check the supreme court said you can't compel the states to do this. the general welfare clause can't be tied to that.
12:26 pm
>> brian: the feds can't tell the commonwealth, everyone in the commonwealth you've got to get health insurance. >> the congressional budget office stated 1994 in a congress, in 220 years has never done this brian, if they haven't done it in 220 years, one suspects they don't have the powers. >> brian: you suspect it's a states rights. >> the 10th amendment of the constitution, and recommended by layton. >> brian: some democrats joined new this measure. yes, they did about a third of the democratic caucus voted for this. i made arguments based on constitutional grounds. how can someone compel you to enter a contract, they kbt. if you're compelled to enter a contract under duress, which is jail and a fine, that's unamerican. >> brian: wow, do you think that other states and common wefts are going to pick this up. >> i talked about legislators to six states and sent my model bill and they're looking at this, yes. >> brian: you think this is something that's going to gain momentum. >> the states are responsing
12:27 pm
to the usurpation the power, they if they can do this, they could cause to you buy a car every five years and insulate your house. >> brian: and this would be signed into law. >> i talked to him and the attorney general is supportive of this. >> brian: wow, that's pretty impressive. i think you may be on to something. a lot of people watching to see how it goes in virginia. >> thank you. >> brian: thanks for joining us. we enjoy a good night's sleep. imagine sleeping for nearly two weeks straight and having no control over when you wake up. it's a well-documented medical syndrome and we'll tell you more about it when we come back. waúñ÷?p!ó9@úññ
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host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall? host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does a ten-pound bag of flour make a really big biscuit?
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>> u.s. military says two n.a.t.o. soldiers have been killed during that major coalition offensive in southern afghanistan. caroline shively is standing by with the latest on that and the other top stories, hello, caroline. >> hello to you, brian. one service member was killed by an improvised explosive device, another died from small arms fire. nothing yet on nationalities. scattered resistance, but the advance is slowed by bombs and booby traps and also in an unrelated attack in southern afghanistan three u.s. service members were killed in a roadside bomb. officials in huntsville, alabama say the woman accused of gunning down her colleagues on a college campus offered no resistance when they caught
12:32 pm
her. biology professor amy bishop saying, quote, it didn't happen, still alive. she's accused of killing three colleagues and others in a faculty meeting. we'll check in with our reporter on the scene in just a moment. warm temps in vancouver causing olympic-size delays. the men's downhilling is postponed because of slushy conditions. and the luge hasn't been postponed despite the death after georgian athlete yesterday. >> the new year welcomed in by beijing's terror, followed by the celebration. it marks the beginning of year of tiger and two week long celebration ending with a popular chinese new year's parade in san francisco later in month. >> brian: when you wish someone a happy chinese new year you say.
12:33 pm
[speaking chinese] . >> that's why you've been saying it all day. >> brian: a professor is accused of gunning down her colleagues in a faculty meeting killing three and injuring three others. our elizabeth prawn has been at the press conference. tell us about the alleged shooters and what could have possibly driven her to do this? >> right, brian, the alleged shooter is 42-year-old amy bishop, local reports say that she's a research star, a harvard graduate, very successful here on campus as well as assistant biology professor, what we're learning she may be responsible for a shooting that took place during a faculty meeting at 4 p.m. yesterday where six people were shot, three died, three in the hospital. we know from the meeting at the press conference that she's been charged with one count of capital murder which means in the state of alabama she's eligible for the detail
12:34 pm
penalty and also said during the conference that further charges are pending. you asked earlier what possibly could have driven her to do this? what we're learning it may be a tenure issue. a fellow faculty member was granted the status, and bishop was not, she's been vying for more than a year now. something i want to ad, brian, there's another man detained, a person of interest, but no charges at this time, brian. >> brian: elizabeth, thank you for that update from huntsville. officials by the way are hoping the public can help them solve a string of church fires in east texas. investigators released sketches yesterday of three men, they are calling people of interest. laura ingle joins us from new york where she's been following that story, hello, laura. >> hi, brian, well, all three of the young men depicted in the sketches we're about to show you have been identified as people hanging around the scene of several of the church fires, it's important to note they are not suspects, but p people that investigators want to talk with. now, i just spoke with an
12:35 pm
agent with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosives who told us that they have received dozens of tips, since these sketches were released yesterday. now, right now, a.t.f. agents, texas rangers and local fire marshals are looking up on the leads to see if they can identify the three men. they are all believed to be in their early 20's. one has longer hair, one has a flame-like tattoo on his neck and one on his forearm. the guy on the right, the a.t.f. agent are calling in thinking it's a woman, it's not important it note. several churches in east texas have been damaged or destroyed by arsonists since january 1st. the latest church fires were set february 8th last monday, in an area northwest of tyler, texas at dover baptist church and the missionary baptist church you see here. a.t.f. investigators say they've ruled arson and one challenge cracking the case.
12:36 pm
some of these happen in rural areas and others in the middle of town. they break out different times the day and week and arsonists hit different denominations and a.t.f. is offering a $25,000 reward for any individual who helps arrest or convict these individuals and it is a joint effort between local, state and federal officials, and we're continuing to monitor this investigation that's affected so many communities. the devastation that has hit the communities has just been devastating and brian, all of this has left many parishioners in texas uneasy and many church congregations have formed their own security teams, some patrolling at night to make sure their church isn't next. a.t.f. agents warn the men are believed to be extremely dangerous and about the parishioners to call police if they spot them, not confront them. we're closely monitoring the situation and we'll bring you the latest throughout the day, brian. >> brian: laura ingle, thank you very much. a father who is just wrapping up his training as a 911 dispatcher got the call of his
12:37 pm
life when the woman needing help with her choking baby turned out to be his wife. janice scott called 911 for help when her son was choking and could not breathe. the man who picked up the call quickly learned the man on the other end of the line was his wife and his choking son. with the guidance of her husband, she was able to get the plastic cleared out of his throat. >> it worked really good for me to have him on the line and i trust him and he knows what he's doing. >> it's amazing, never thought it was going to happen. it was always in the back of my mind i was afraid that would happen, a family member needing help, how would i handle it. >> astonishing, chris scott is a marine reservist returned from iraq. president bill clinton says he feels great and back home following surgery placing two stents in his heart on thursday. yesterday he told reporters he could even do a couple of miles on the treadmill hours after he was released from the
12:38 pm
hospital. he went on to explain why he needs to stay active. >> but i have to keep working, it's what i should do. i mean, that's what my life is for. i was given a good mind, a strong body and you know, i've had a wonderful life and it'd be wrong for me not to work. >> brian: joining us now to break down the latest on mr. clinton's condition, as well as some of the week's biggest medical stories is dr. lee van oaker, the university of maryland medical school. good to see you. astonishing, put in stents and do a couple of miles on the treadmill, amazing. >> well, the stents, obviously, if you can have stents as opposed to the open heart procedure he had back in, i believe, 2004, that's always the best way to go. but you know, he's still taking care of himself and doing things right, but see that sometimes heart disease, if you have heredity. he blocked off the arteries that were bypassed so what they did, they put the stents in the old arteries as opposed
12:39 pm
to the new artery that was completely blocked. >> brian: wow, it's amazing what they can do and in and out on the treadmill in just a few hours. >> exactly. >> brian: really amazing. some other medical news though from the week we want today touch base with you about. i wanted you it talk about something called the clin levin syndrome. sleeping beauty syndrome. >> it's a very strange condition, mysterious, what happens is usually during adolescence, more common in men or boys, and they suddenly start sleeping and it's hard to determine in the beginning, you think of teenagers sleeping all the time anyway, this is like 20 hours of sleeping and then they have personality changes, they get up to use the bathroom and to eat, but when they get up they're sort of like in this dreamy, child-like state, they can be really irritable and have complete personality changes, it happens in episodes. >> brian: wow. >> and then it disappears in episodes. >> do they have any idea what causes it? >> they think maybe the dopamine receptors in the thalamus and hypothalmus that
12:40 pm
affect appetite, can affect mood and sleep and no one is sure exactly what it is. there's not great medicine, sometimes kids will outgrow it by the time they're 20 and 30 they don't have. >> brian: vanishes as quickly as it comes on. >> maybe that's how the fairy tale sleeping beauty occurred and prince charming continued her. >> lipo dystrophy. >> that's the condition we saw. there's a couple from the anti-viral hiv drug they get wasting and lose fat in extremities, but there's congenital and born and when it happens in the skin, under the face, it makes everything sunken. you get wrinkles, sunken eyes almost the way the people age. when we age we lose fat in our face. >> this woman is a teenager. >> right, exactly. she looks like she's 50 and her mother know and babies have fat chubby faces and when they brought her home, she didn't have that and the mother has the condition. there's not much you can do.
12:41 pm
some forms have metabolic problems with glucose and heart and kidney problems and you have to treat those. with the other forms you have to do cosmetic surgery either fat grafts, the same injections for wrinkling, almost like you're treating an older person with a cosmetic procedure to make them look more uteful. >> if you put the teenager in the line yuppy would have said 45 or 50 years old. >> it's sad. her mother looks like she's 70 and she's only 40, so. >> wow, always good to have you here to talk about the interesting medical cases, good to see you. >> well, the daytona 500, the great american race, the kickoff or nascar nation is this weekend and you better believe that stock racing super bowl is packed with excitement. our rick reichmuth is in the middle of it, and rick, everybody's talking about this danica patrick. is she ready for the nascar circuit? >> well, that's what everybody is talking about this year at the daytona 500 and we're about to see, today's the nationwide series race, a 300
12:42 pm
mile race, she's not running in tomorrow's daytona 500, but this will be the first nascar race she'll be racing in, an it's a big deal, very big deal and go more than ten seconds without hearing her name, that's the excitement for this year. other excitement is that there's been a few changes in some of the rules that are going to allow the drivers to go a little faster, some changes in the mechanics, as well as a couple of other rules that are going to make the sport more exciting possibly and also a little more dangerous for some of the drivers, so everybody wants to know can danica make the transition and also still doing indy car racing so she's going to be double dipping at least this seen to see how she does in this and everybody really wants to know. that's what it's about, brian. and the first race starting in just about a little over an hour, little under an hour, but the crowd is certainly getting going. >> brian: i've got a question about this, i talked to some nascar guys a little late last year, and when this was all starting to happen and everybody was talking about will she make the move, will she not, and i found that some
12:43 pm
people are very much in favor of it and some people really didn't like the idea at all. what are you picking up, rick? >> i tell you, i would say probably nine out of ten people are very excited about it, i think it's great for the sport, it brings the attention to it, but also, i would say about a week ago, people thought she might not be able to compete, but with all of the prior races they've had this week, qualifying races, she's done really well and people are surprised how quickly she's catching on and making this adaptation to this sport, which is making people a little more excited about it. >> brian: all right, rick reichmuth down in daytona where i wish i were today. my gosh, that looks like fun. thanks, rick. in other news, patrick kennedy's decision not to run again for congress will leave washington without a kennedy in political office for the first time in more than 60 years. the rhode island democrat says he's going to focus on his personal life and in helping those with substance abuse problems, kennedy says the death of his father, senator
12:44 pm
ted kennedy, is part of the reason he's stepping down, but he hinted he could one day return to public service. >> you know, it's like taking a sabbatical. you know, i think there may be opportunities for me in the future to seek elective office again, but right now it's not something that i choose to do. >> brian: is global warming really happening? if so, why is there so much dog gone snow everywhere? we've been putting up with a lot in this part of the world. and one argument is it's because of climate change. is there truth to that? we'll take a look at the arguments when we come back. stay with us. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary. we make them better... to make your life better. and we've never made one... quite like this.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a british generally says that british troops participating in the n.a.t.o. offensive in southern afghanistan have observed key objectives and forces have successfully secured the area. and the two troops were killed were american and british, british troops are among the thousands of n.a.t.o. afghans and soldiers who stormed the strong hold at marjah, it's over the biggest southern town that's been under taliban control. senator lindsey graham says the al-qaeda terrorists are quote, not common criminals
12:49 pm
and trying them in a civilian court is a bad idea. the south carolina senator spoke out in the g.o.p. weekly address. >> never before have we allowed non-citizen enemy combatants captured on the battlefield in the civilian courts providing them with the same constitutional rights as american citizens. al-qaeda terrorists should not receive more rights than a nazi war criminal. >> senator graham is offing legislation that would prevent terrorist suspects from guantanamo brought for a civilian trial. senator graham will be on fox news tomorrow. check your local listings. the string of winter storms have brought up the global warming despite and they've seized on this topic and making light of it. they're citing the record snow to scientists and the scientists said predicted climate changes will mean more frequent and intense storms. is the case for global warming
12:50 pm
espoused by liberals another political setback, a setback for them, author and journalist liz trotta is here with her thoughts. liz, i have to say i'm one of those people, i can't make of my mind. i mean, i believe we should care for your environmental. i think we should take care of the earth. i believe all of those things, but i'm not sure i've been convinced the science says and proves that the global warming as they used to call it, now they call it climate change is being caused by man. >> good thinking, brian. you know, it's really amazing this whole movement of activists of predicting apocalypse really got an absolutely hit in the belly long before the snow started and that was the east ang gleea scandal. whereof research center the kind of headquarters and temperatures funneling into them. the computers were broken
12:51 pm
into, still don't know by whom, we found they were fiddling with the numbers and doing all kind of things to fibs the research, so that global warming would still be floated as a fact, when in fact, it's bad science. so, now, along come these snows and what do we hear after we-- after people like yourselves have been covered under so long. we hear wait a minute, that's what a change is in global warming. part of it is the snow. >> they started out talking about global warming and then, i don't know, somewhere along the way, they sort of changed it and said that it's climate change. >> exactly. that was the backup and that was also the clue to where this whole thing is. they are really disingenuous. this is a fake movement and the media supports it, the media starting with time magazine and then the new york times, have all said since the
12:52 pm
snows in washington and in 49 states all over the country, what they've said is that oh, no, wait a minute, there's global warming expects at that kind of storm. i mean, they will not be-- >> let me say, you do hear, we predicted this, when you have what's been going on in our environment for so many years, that you will see this abnormal weather, they did predict it and they can point to documentation that they predicted it maybe a decade ago. >> well, they could point to documentation in east anghia. one of the interesting things, the people and press, it takes place in england. greenpeace would evolve for the people, greenpeace, the very active and the very vigilant activist organization has now calls for the resignation of the head of the
12:53 pm
u.n. climate control panel. so this is how much, how much integrity they're thinking that the u.n. has in collecting all the numbers. >> brian: we've got to leave it right there, liz. i would say here in washington you're starting to hear elected officials talk more skeptically about the size of global warming and climate change and it's the topic of discussion i think in this town i think this the days ahead. good to see you. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: it's been about a year since uno won the top in the westminster dog club. what's the best in show doing now? we'll tell you after the break. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. what is it about slow baking that makes cinnamon so enticing?
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>> here are some of the top stories we're following you at america's news headquarters. thousands of u.n. and n.a.t.o. led troops are fighting to take a town from the taliban. a military spokesman says an american british service member have been killed. and insurgents are holding their ground in the down long been a taliban strong hold, but n.a.t.o. claimed early success in the offensive. and south carolina, georgia, the panel panhandle of florida claimed to have snow. more seeing no the first time in a generation or longer and
12:58 pm
we're told by federal forecasters that hawaii is the only state in the country that apparently didn't have snow on the ground. astronauts a astronauts engineers trying to fix a problem with the space station's new room, there are problems between the observation deck and the new model called tranquillity. more troubles for toyota. the auto maker is recalling tacoma trucks over shaft issues. a crack can develop-- could lead to the front drive shaft celebrate separating from the truck. four wheel drive tacomas, built mid december 2009 to until february 2010. they've recall 8.5 vehicles worldwide for problems, various problems with gas pedals and brakes. and those are your top stories right now.
12:59 pm
supermodel naomi campbell headlined a fundraiser, featuring outfits r from top designers and a tribute to british designer alexander mcqueen who committed suicide earlier this week. campbell walked the runway alongside a host of designers and celebrities and the duchess of york sarah ferguson kicked off the fashion for relief benefit paying tribute to the sadness of death of mcqueen whose label contributed outfits for the show. remember uno the beagle? i sure do, last year's best in show at westminster kennel dog club show. he now has a new career as a therapy dog. at the barkley hotel showing kids how they can do charity work. the westminster kennel club picks a new winner next week at madison square garden. and that's all for me here in washington, but america's news headquarters rolls on, kelly wright and jamie colby are
1:00 pm
standing by in new york to take over. and tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday and catch chris wallace's interview with jim jones and senator lindsey graham. i'll see you soon everyone, i'll see you soon everyone, have a great weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . >> this is a fox wrus news alert. u.s. marines are storming a strong hold in afghanistan already there have been casualties. welcome to america's news room, he'll kelly wright. >> i'm jamie colby. the u.s. military is saying that two have been killed, an american by small arms fire and a britain in an ied explosion. this is the biggest offensive since the invasion of afghanistan just after 9/11. thousands of troops, american, british, canadian and afghan, all marching into taliban controlled territory. and the goal is to take over the
1:01 pm
town of marjah in the southern region to help the afghanistan to take control there. mike emanuel is monitoring the developments today. mike, good to see you. tell us what they expect to encounter there and what have they found so far. >> it's fascinating. they figure about a thousand hard core taliban commanders and fighters would stay and fight because it had been so telegraphed, announced so innocent afghans could get out of harm's way. they were anticipating a lot of booby-traps and one soldier was killed by a device and heroically fighting in the operation mosh tar rack. and things have gone without a hitch and essentially a lot of tough terrain, a lot of canals, a lot of mud walls and that sort
1:02 pm
of thing. a lot of that had to be done on foot and so you see a lot of u.s. marines, a lot of afghan forces going in on foot. about 60 helicopters with a lot of fire power backing them up, but they expected a tough fight. so far they think it's gone very well, but this may not be the end of the fighting, jamie. >> we'll speak to one of our military experts this hour, and it is an interesting offensive because it is now part of the mcchrystal strategy. you have reported that officials at the pentagon have referred to this as a game changer. talk about that. >> well, a lot of people in this building and a lot of people at n.a.t.o. headquarters in afghanistan will tell you that 2009 was a very good year for the taliban. they've had a lot of momentum and so, general mcchrystal asked the commander-in-chief for more boots on the ground. he's getting them and so, the feeling is that they need to have, to go at the heart of the taliban there in southern afghanistan in hemmand province
1:03 pm
and show them they will have a better way of life without the drug traffickers out of there and the taliban out of there and the feeling is it's critical in terms of changing momentum in the war in afghanistan and showing the part of the country that has not had of control from kabul there's a better way of life with afghan faces, both troops and afghan police there, to give them that better way of life and so, critical to not only have u.s. marines going in, but to have afghan troops going in to clear this area for their people, jamie. >> jamie: and they are, it's difficult to overcome the strength of the poppy trade without a doubt. do you have any other information, mike, there at the pentagon about the casualties that we're reporting today? >> well, we have heard one american was killed by small arms fire. one brit was killed by an ied blast and sources we've talked to say both served very bravely in this operation mosh tarak,
1:04 pm
together in the language. 20 have been killed and 11 enemy captured and so, obviously, very sad day for u.s. and coalition forces to lose two of their own, but so far, considering it was expected to be a tough fight, they think that things have gone pretty well so far. >> jamie: we really can't overstate what a treacherous part of that country this is. how difficult the mission is, but they're forging ahead. mike' manual live from the >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: the marines are playing a crucial role. coming up later in the hour we'll talked with a retired marine, ask about this new strategy put into place in afghanistan and if it can help turn the tide on the war on terror, stay with us for that, kelly. >> jamie, the university of alabama huntsville is in mourning after a biology professor allegedly went on a shooting spree there. saying amy bishop shot and
1:05 pm
killed three in a staff meeting and three others were injured. let's go live to the scene in huntsville, elizabeth, tell us about the alleged shooter and what could have possibly driven her to do this crime? >> right, like you said, 42-year-old amy bishop is the suspect, but local reports, deem her as a research star, a harvard graduate as well as a local biology assistant professor here, but we're learning today that she may be responsible for shooting here at a faculty meeting around 4 p.m. yesterday whereas you mentioned six people were shot and three died, three in the hospital and we have press conference about an hour ago where we learned she's been charged with one count of capital murder which means in the stay of alabama she is eligible for the death penalty. now, we also learned during that press conference that further charges are pending. now, you asked, what possibly could have driven her to do something like this, so we're learning that it may be a tenure issue. a fellow faculty member was
1:06 pm
granted status at the meeting yesterday. and she was not, it's something that bishop, we're learning, was vying for for quite some time. now one thing i want to add, kelly, there's a man being detained at this time. we don't know who it is, can't confirm that, we have no word on charges, we just know that this is a person of interest. >> and to that end there were reports as well when amy bishop was arrested she kept saying there's no way, they can't possibly be dead, they're still alive. that seemed to have indicated that perhaps she did not do this, but we're continuing to follow the developments, she is the one charged and as you mentioned three people were killed. >> yes. >> three others survived the shooting. what's the latest on the condition of those victims? >> that's right, still three victims alive at this time in a local hospital. two are in critical condition and one is stable, kelly. >> all right. elizabeth, thank you very much, reporting from the university of alabama in huntsville, we should mention by the way that a week
1:07 pm
ago there was another shooting at that took place at a school in that area and the people there are trying to resolve the issues and we are of course keeping an eye on the situation in that community. well, it is literally snowing across america. 49 of the 50 states, can you believe that, seeing snow on the ground this week, everybody, but hawaii. check it out. snow falling in the deep south, we're talking way south, near the gulf coast of alabama and they're getting several inches worth of it, meteorologist domenica davis is live in the fox weather center. domenica, this has been a winter to remember. >> it absolutely has been and this is the first weekend in a couple of weekends we're not talking about snow in the mid atlantic. so i'm sure they are very happy with that. but we did have the snow down to the south this morning and parts of texas got over a foot in the southern parts of texas and it ranged from a foot all the up to
1:08 pm
eight inches we saw in parts of the carolinas and georgia, they had over four inches in some spots and now the system pushed off to the coast, quiet skies through the rest of this weekend as high pressure there settle in. we have another storm to talk about, it's a clipper system coming into the northern plains and it's going to put snow back into the forecast for the mid atlantic come monday into tuesday night. here is a look at future radar, storm system gathers and moves through the northern plains tonight, tomorrow, and then as we get into our monday night you can see this storm system starts to ride into the mid atlantic. now we're not talking a major storm like we've seen with the past two blizzards, but certainly, this is going to add more snow on to the already existing snow that's on the ground. so, monday night into tuesday, the system clears out by wednesday and could be looking at addition a-six inches of snow coming your way for parts of washington through baltimore and
1:09 pm
philly, back to you. >> rick: all right. thanks, i think. okay. >> well, when the mid term elections roll around it looks like both parties could be facing major hurdles, a new poll from the pew research center find just under half of the voters questioned would like to see their congressman or woman reelected. 30% say no. we haven't seen this sentiment since 2006 and we had seen it before in 1994 when congress changed hands. so, will heft history repeat itself in this term's mid term election sns it's not too soon to talk about it. joining me david winston former republican house of conference and kirsten, a fox news analyst, welcome to both of you. >> hi, jamie. >> jamie: good to see you. kirsten, you first, the incumbent was assumed to have
1:10 pm
the advantage, are those days over? >> yeah, i think it's an anti-incumbent feeling across the country, people are just unhappy with the direction of the country which means you know, they're going to become anti-incumbent. what's unusual about it, usually you'll find people will sort of asked generically, oh, yeah, throw the bums out, but when you ask them about their bum they'll say, oh, no, i like my congressman, he's fine. what's interesting about this, you're asked specifically about their congressman and saying, you know, half of them would vote against them and that's significant. >> jamie: it's interesting, david. they're holding their elected representatives responsible, the question is for what? what do you think is playing the biggest role? is it the unemployment? is it the fact that there have been bailouts of so many banks and companies at this point or the stimulus package that's not provided the shovel ready jobs that a lot of the unemployed expected? new taxes potentially, and a health care plan that may be stalled, may be finished? what is it?
1:11 pm
>> well, actually there's a pretty good list you ran through, i think a combination of all of them, but i think the biggest one is the basic question where are the jobs and i'm going to disagree with kirsten here, i think it's a problem for the democrats and focused directly at the democrats, they're the party in power and they control washington. this is anti-washington. and what you've seen and certainly the election of scott brown, where you didn't have an incumbent, clearly, in a situation where the democrats should have won a race, republicans were able to win that seat despite the overwhelming partisan nature of that state. so the problem that the democrats have is one, they've been on the wrong topic, heb, they should have been on jobs and then health care by a double digit margin people oppose their plan so right now the democratic party is the party held responsible and it's in a shambles. >> jamie: you know what's interesting, i was researching this this morning and people may necessarily not like the where health care is is and the plan that's being proposed, but they think that a bigger issue is inaction.
1:12 pm
they want something to happen. >> right. >> jamie: the question is if the president gets what he wants or he doesn't, won't he have played a bigger role in their dissatisfaction in their representatives when they go to the polls for the mid terms? >> well, i think passing something is better than not passing anything for the white house. definitely. but i think republicans are comforting themselves by thinking this is a problem just for democrats, so we'll want to see what happens in the eleks if the republicans are held accountable for the facts that you know, for the inaction, that they are as as responsible for the inaction and i think a lot of people can see that. i think that people have a right to be frustrated with everybody. i'm not going to sit here and say it's just a democrats or just republicans and i think that's what's going on. is it worse for the democrats? definitely, there are more democrats so, you know, if you have more democrats and you're trying to hold on to power for the white house, this is bad, definitely. but i think that the frustration goes further than that and i
1:13 pm
think we have so many registered independents. >> look at the role the independents played, really, in massachusetts. a huge voting population and they spoke loud and clear, and so, david, did the people that are part of the tea party movement who don't want bigger government. they want smaller government and a little more control of their lives and as you said, they do want jobs. so the question is between now and when we go to the polls, what do you think, each of you quickly, each side of the aisle needs to do to believe that their party's way is the right way? >> i think what republicans clearly need to do and you've begun to see this is be the alternative party. here are the idea they have. at the baltimore retreat where the republicans gathered to talk about things and barack obama came and attended that, one of the things that baem clear in terms of excuse me between the change, republicans had clear
1:14 pm
ideas and that's going to be their cast. having said that, you talked about independents. in new jersey, in virginia, in massachusetts, we want independents by 30 points or more. when we won the majority back in 1994, we won independents by 14. kirsten, i want to ask you as part of your answer what the democrats need to do. the republicans did hand over a better solutions pact. i believe it was 27 pages of ideas and many republicans i talked to said the ideas aren't heard. should the democrats make a move to embrace some of the ideas the republicans have, whether it's health care or otherwise, so that they are viewed as at least seeing a consensus or working toward a consensus, is that what voters want? >> yeah, i think it's what they should have done in the first place, frankly. if barack obama is going to come in and say i want to be this bipartisan person, he should have said, he should have included tort reform, he should have included sort of the main things that republicans have been talking about, buying across state lines and i know some is in the bill, but know
1:15 pm
not to the extent that some republicans want it had and i think if he did that, republicans wouldn't support it and the attitude, why put it in, but i think that he could at least say, look, it has tort reform and has been across the lines and we are the party in charge and we tried to hear you and at least show, you know, they're doing the things and because they're not bad ideas, also. you know, i mean, that's another thing and i think if you want to bring down costs you should increase tort reform. >> david, i think you should take that as i agree with the republicans. i think i should leave it there. fair and balanced, everybody got their word in. i appreciate both your time. kirsten powers and david winston. >> thank you. >> believe it or not, another toyota recall for a completely different problems with vehicles. we'll tell you what new vehicle-- what vehicle is being pulled and why. and officials from the university of alabama holding a press conference just an hour ago. a live report from the scene of the deadly campus shooting and what we're learning about the
1:16 pm
accused gun woman. .
1:17 pm
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
>> jamie: president obama is saying now is the time for government to pay attention to its wallet full of iou's. in the weekly radio address mr. obama saying, quote, the american people are tired of politicians who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. but critics say the president and congress should pay more attention to wasteful spending. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. hi, molly. >> hi, jamie. >> jamie: let me ask you why did president obama and the congressional democrats favor pay-go and what is it? >> yes, pay as you go, or pay-go, forces congress if it wants to spend a dollar here it has to cut a dollar there or tax us one more dollar.
1:20 pm
president obama signed pay-go into law last night and today the president said in his weekly radio address, this is quote, a common sense rule. >> it was this rule that helped lead to balanced budgets in the 1990's by making clear that we could not increase entitlement spending or cut tacks simply by borrowing more money. and it was the abandonment of this rule that allowed the previous administration and congressing to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy and create an expensive new drug program without paying for any of it. >> paying is one of the things that congressional democrat want today get past and the president signed it. >> jamie: republicans oppose it, can you tell us why. >> republicans opposed pay-go because it doesn't force congress to cut spending, it just allows congress to in some cases increase taxes to pay for their spending and they say the way to get the government's ledger books under control is to stop all the spending. >> jamie: who have we heard from from the republican side in
1:21 pm
particular on targeting wasteful spending? >> yeah, oklahoma senator tom coburn introduced an amendment calling for hundreds of dupe cat it didn't go as far as he want, but commission the gao, department of the office, to research that. and said that the gao has already done some of that writing quote. in 2000 the gao published a report that found 69 early education programs were being administered by nine agencies and warned that such duplication would lead to ineffectiveness of the program's origin tent. this time they were administered by ten agencies instead of nine. mccluskey says that congress has to cure its quote, scourge of
1:22 pm
overspending". >> jamie: molly henneberg live in washington, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> kelly: a rash of fires targeting texas churches since new years day. millions in damage and now, investigators have sketches of three people of interest. so are they closer to cracking the case? joining me now on the phone is francesca with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. thank you for joining us this afternoon. let's get to it and show the pictures of the persons of interest. we'll look at the sketches right now and bring that up as you talk to us about it. of how you came to get these kinds of sketches because the pictures show one man with short hair and a flame-like tattoo on his neck and another shot haired man with a tattoo on thefore arm and a third man with long hair. how did you get the sketches? >> the information on these three sketches, persons of interest we're calling them at
1:23 pm
the scenes of various church fire scenes and our interest in these individuals is to identify them and interview them and see what information they know about the fires. >> kelly: so they're not suspects but persons spotted in the vicinity. a church is a symbol of prayer, where families share their faith. why would anyone, anyone want to take out this kind of hostility towards houses of prayer? >> i'm sorry, you're breaking up. >> kelly: i apologize for that. let me repeat my question. why would anyone want to take out these kinds of hostilities towards houses of prayer? >> francesca are you able to hear me. >> yes, yes, i can hear you. as far as the motive, we have no information on that at this time. as far as a pattern on the fires, they're all at different
1:24 pm
times of the day, different days of the week. different denominations. some of the churches are rural, and some of the churches are in suburban areas. >> kelly: so it's hard to pinpoint, but let me ask you this, how is the community responding? are you able to give advice to her churches throughout that area in terms of perhaps conducting 24/7 village gills to watch out for their churches and to report any suspicious activity around them? >> if we have askeded churches, their pastors and their parishioners to be vigilant of these activity in and around the churches, but now we have asked them if they see anything suspicious that they should call 911, and they should not try to handle the situation themselves. we don't know what kind of-- what level of violence these individuals are capable of. >> kelly: once again weeks showing the sketches of three persons of interest, again pointing out they're not suspects with people, that you'd like to question about what took place or what they might know.
1:25 pm
how should people living in that area of texas contact you? >> we have the a.t.f. hot line 1-888-a.t.f. fire or we also have a tip line here in our command post and that's area code 903-675-0061. >> kelly: francesca perot, thank you for joining us this afternoon, bringing us ensights into what's going on there. hopefully people have seen those sketches and i want to point out there have been no serious injuries, no fatalities, but certainly a lot of property damage, totalling in the millions, jamie. >> jamie: details from the investigation into the deadly accident that killed olympic athlete. we are going to tell you what inspectors are saying. and there are major developments to tell, but in afghanistan. right now thousands of u.s., n.a.t.o. and afghan troops are launching the biggest offensive since the invasion. could this be the fight to end
1:26 pm
all fights there? we'll talk to our military analyst about the new strategy. when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth.
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1:29 pm
>> well, there are more troubles, headaches, if you will, for toyota owners. the auto maker is now recalling 8,000, 2010 tacoma pickup truck, the recall ordered so toyota can basically inspect something, the front drive shaft for possible cracks.
1:30 pm
now, this is of course the latest in a series of recalls involving millions of toyota vehicles. caroline shively live in washington now will bring us more details on this, this is really troubling for toyota sas well as the owners. >> a mountain of lawsuits against toyota, the latest developments. two lawsuits filed friday claimed that uncontrol ab acceleration killed people in nebraska and mississippi. meanwhile, u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood says the u.s. government is going to hold toyota's feet to the fire. >> i talked to mr. toyoda and explained this is serious business and they need to take it seriously and a few days later i read his apology and a few days lart they recalled all the 2010 priuses. >> and that recent tacoma recall makes the latest model that they've recalled. there are various issues on that
1:31 pm
toyota tacoma. they were supposed to have a meeting, toyota gas pedals, is the public at risk? that got snowed out they've lost 2 billion in sales and repairs and that's before the lexus and prius recalls. the owners could lose money and auto pricing websites are dropping the price for sale or trade-in. that could lead to insurance companies paying out less if they wreck their toyota. >> kelly: that's a major problem for toyota. keep us informed as this progresses. >> will do. >> kelly: thank you so much. >> jamie: well, the first major offensive of the afghanistan surge and biggest since the invasion of 2001. it's taking place right now. there are thousands of troops storming the southern region and trying to gain control from the taliban.
1:32 pm
the plan is to establish afghan government authority. the operation called moshtarak, which means together. could this turn the tide in afghanistan. let's take it over with colonel bill cowan, a fox news analyst, a retired marine and an expert on these kinds of operations. great to have you with us. >> thanks, jamie, nice to be with you. >> jamie: colonel, let me ask you about this mission in particular, because this is as is being reported, part of the new mcchrystal strategy. what does that mean? >> well, primarily it means getting out there in these urban areas, in the populated areas and establishing relationships with the people there. that is to get the taliban moved out and to bring in the kinds of things that show these people, who have been under taliban control for some time, show them the fact that their government, the afghan government is prepared to stand up, support them, provide governance, help in the economy, provide schools and do the things that a real
1:33 pm
government should and could be doing. >> jamie: what would mark a success in this particular offensive and do you think if it is successful that this is the type of operation we'll be seeing again? >> well, i think one of the important things about this operation, not only is the fact that it's so big, but the fact that we really have the afghan army and to some degree at some point, the afghan police really an integral part of what's going on here, as these forces move in to this town and later to other towns, the afghan people see that it's not just what they refer to as the foreign invaders, but indeed their own people coming in there be and trying to help. and success means not only kicking the taliban out, but bringing in all of those government institutions to make it a stable environment. >> jamie: so you round up the bad guys, the insurgents, that's a huge part of it, but you have to convince the people that live in this area, the afghans, that there's a better way of life, perhaps relying on the poppy
1:34 pm
trade as one example as not in their best interest. that's a big undertaking. what is your prediction in terms of ability to do that. >> that's a great point, jamie shall the key to this particular town and this particular region, the poppy trade, is the core of the economics down there and so, how that poppy trade is going to be supplanted with something else is probably the big question mark. i don't think they want to grow rice. they probably don't want to grow potatoes and somehow the afghan government and the international community is going to have to weigh in here to help these people find a new way to establish a viable economy that's going to sustain them. if they couldn't do that, they are going to fall back to the taliban who help them run that poppy trade. >> jamie: may i ask you one question about the afghan government, it's not necessarily a military question, but i think it's key. if the military, this joint force, does the job, gets the taliban, they could run off to another area, we've seen that happen before, but say they
1:35 pm
round up all the bad guys. we need the government to be stable enough to maintain that success. not only to keep the bad guys in a secure location so they don't do any other harm or there's no backlash, but then to give the ordinary citizens the civilians what they need. is the government in a position, do you think, to do that second part of what this mission must be? >> jamie, that's such a great question because people tend to want to look at the u.s. military as the people who have to solve all the problems and what you're talking about is whether or not our own state department and agency for international development. our other nonmilitary institutions in this town, washington d.c., have got the right capability, the right people, the right resources over there to help that afghan government go out and do what has to be done. so you've got to divide here, the military may do what they need to do to defeat the taliban. the question is whether our government working closely with the afghan government can
1:36 pm
implement all of the other things that create that stable environment. >> jamie: we've already seen today military casualties and we wish everyone in that region well and we hope that the government can back up, not only ours, but the afghan government, but if they are successful here, this is a huge step in the war on terror. lt. colonel bill cowan, great to talk to you. thank you. >> thanks, jamie, my pleasure. >> all right. there are new developments in the wake of a deadly crash at the winter olympic in vancouver, canada. international luge officials are moving the start of the men's competition further down the track. after an olympian from the republic of georgia was killed during a training run on friday. the move means that speeds will be lower on the track and official raised the wall where the accident took place and made other changes to the ice as well. >> and despite the tragedy, the vancouver games getting off to a
1:37 pm
joyous starts. athletes taking part in the opening ceremony on the 2010 games. there was a glitch. hockey legend wayne gretzky and three others were kept waiting when a piece of the caldron failed from rise from the floor. and in the end it was lit and they gave the host nation, team canada, a standing ovation. >> kelly: no glitch at daytona, standing room only. a great american race, the daytona 500 and we're less than 24 hours away from the drop of the green flag. 43 drivers will start the race and there doesn't appear to be a favorite in sight right now. no single driver has dominated so far. rick reichmuth is live, and rick, obviously you have a need for speed. >> kelly, this is such a great event and you said it, it's one of those years there's a number of drivers that could win this and then, like any nascar race you always have the unsuspected that can happen.
1:38 pm
this year may be a little bit more than typical because they've changed some of the rules this year that have allowed the drivers to have a little bit more control, a little bit more speed and they have reintroduced the bump and draft and allows them to control it more than they could in the past and also can make things more dangerous and maybe a little bit more exciting and that's one of the excitements that's happening this year and the other one is danica patrick made her move from indy car to nascar and today is competing in her first ever nascar race. the race just got underway and a lot of people wondering how she's going to do. she certainly brings a lot of name recognition to the sport and will attract a lot of viewers, but can she compete here? during a lot of the preliminary races this week she was doing really well and a lot of people thought she was learning very quickly, at that potentially bodes well for her career and maybe a long career in nascar, similar to what she's had in indy, but a lot going on here, very exciting and today, the first race, tomorrow the big one, the daytona 500 will be
1:39 pm
here tomorrow as well, kelly. >> kelly: you're in the right spot. have a good weekend there. thanks, rick. >> thanks, you got it. >> jamie: and coverage of the daytona 500 begins a tomorrow at noon eastern and it's on your local fox affiliate. we wanted to let you know. >> well, it's a story that will make a lot of people very angry. airlines announcing new fees, wait until you hear what they're charging for now. will it ever stop? . ú@@
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1:43 pm
>> well, the astronauts on the space station have run into a little construction snag. they have been outfitting the station's newest wing, but they found an insulating cover doesn't fit right. the cover is supposed to fit between the room and its observation deck and protect the seals and docking mechanisms. it's not locking down properly though, so, nascar is trying it figure out what should they do. have the astronauts rig something or wait until another mission to fly up a new cover, as soon as we know, we'll report it. >> remember when flying was a luxury? well, now, it seems you have to pay for nearly every creature comfort or service, american airlines is upping the ante, charging customers 8 bucks for a flimsy blanket and pillow. imagine that. on top of that you'll have to shell out cash to fly stand by. will the fees stop or will the flyers become fed up with the airlines. joining us now is the president of calthon and associates.
1:44 pm
good to see you. >> a pleasure to be here. >> kelly: i enjoy flying, but with these prices that keep, that airlines nickel and diming us, people are going to get tired of that? >> you would hope so. look, i think what's happened here is that airlines, there are no fewer and fewer flights meaning fewer and fewer choices so they're able to get away with it and look, it's the baggage, it's food, it's ear phones, it's now the blankets, you name it. they're going to keep doing it until there's a big fight by the consumer or the consumer decides we're just not going to buy the blankets and then maybe the airlines will say let's give them free again. >> kelly: it's a bad pr move. one would think. because you're out there serving the public and now nickel or diming them or dollars, if you will, because you've got to pay for the blankets, if your a chilly, go there with a sweater, probably the best way avoiding to pay for that blanket. >> right, look, i think that airlines are gauging this on a daily basis.
1:45 pm
i'm sure there's meetings what they can get away with. i think the next will be the overhead bin and people are now bringing the clothes on the plane and don't talk about whether they do the pay toilets down the road. it's just a matter of you have an industry that has not been able to keep profitability over a decent period of time and they had to find other ways and so far, it's working. you know, i was amazed when i flew last week and i didn't realize some airlines now have 50 and $75 for second and third baggage, so they're getting it up this and i do believe they're going to hit a wall one day, it's not there just yet. >> now, even on national flights and i can tell this from my own experience they're charging you extra if they want to fly an extra economy comfort flat where you have wider leg room and it's ridiculous what's going on there, but you seem to be held at bay. if you were an airline executive what would you advise your companies to do in order to serve the public and still have
1:46 pm
some profitability? >> well, for me, i would just raise prices. i mean, these a la carte menus, i do not think-- i speak to people all the time on my radio show and business and people are not happy about the so-called nickel and dime. if i were airlines, i'd just raise the price as little bit more, to cover all of this and to give them a little better profitability, but for some reason the airlines refuse to listen what's out there and again, i think they will hit a wall. i don't know where. i think they're going to come up with something that's really going to make everybody mad and then i think a lot of it's going to come tumbling down, but expect the fees to be there for a very long time to come. >> kelly: yeah, seems to me they're injuring themselves with this kind of approach. i like your approach. charge one fee and i think the people can get that and understand that and they understand some viability or sustainability for the airline industry. thank you for joining us and sharing your comments with us. >> always a pleasure. >> kelly: okay. >> jamie: iran's regime is showing the world that they rule
1:47 pm
with an iron fist. they're cracking down on protests and iran's president is telling the world they are a nuclear nation. what can stop iran, if anything. and what does the world need to do next? that's coming up after a quick break. stay with us. r whole body. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels rush relief everywhere you need it. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran. with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals and the luscious taste of plump, juicy raisins d crunchy whole grain flakes. ...
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>> a crackdown from the iranian government this week and a show of force that may now show that iran has the upper hand when it comes to stopping future protests. this as iranian president ahmadnejad tells the world his country has enriched uranium to higher levels than ever before. so, what can the world do to stop it and to keep iran from developing a nuclear weapon? joining us now, jim walsh,
1:51 pm
international security of iran expert with the massachusetts institute of technology, security studies program. jim, thanks for joining us this afternoon. good day to you, sir. >> good to be with you. you know, jim, when we look at the situation in iran, it's very troubling, perplexing for the western world and even the u.n. security council which has gone so far as to say that iran should stop developing this nuclear appetite. what has to be done now in light of the fact that on the anniversary of the islamic revolution which took place in 1979 and now, ahmadnejad coming out and saying they have enriched uranium even more, which means they're closer to developing that nuclear weapon. >> well, i think you're right to say that crossing that 20% threshold was a provocative act, and it marks a new low in the ongoing story of the nuclear dispute. now, we'll have to wait and see what happens. because as i read the iranian press the last few days we're getting mixed signals out of tehran. we're willing to hear they're
1:52 pm
ready to stop that enrichment 20% if a deal can be worked out for the medical reactor. you hear dinner voices and you don't know which one to believe in tehran. i assume the international community is going to go forward with sanctions, but sanctions allow you to impose costs. they don't allow to impose your will. so i forsee it continuing, you know, dispute where we get enrichment followed boy sanctions, followed by defiance and it's not going to get any prettier over the next year or so. >> kelly: no, it does not appear it's going to get prettier especially when you look at opposing forces on the ground in iran are trying to protest the islamic regime that exist there is, but we're seeing a more hard line crackdown upon the very people that the iranian regime currently supports and supposedly represents. but here is the situation, you've got iran losing money, they're not even doing well with their oil industry, and now, they're having problems from within. who is winning the battle on the ground there? would it be the display the
1:53 pm
courage from the opposition or iranian hardliners cracking down on those opposing their government. two things on that, kelly, first, i think there's been a tendency in the american press to sort of-- this is an emotional issue and i've recognized that, i've had friends who have been jailed and i understand that, but we've swung from one exaggeration to the other. when there are a lot of protesters on the ground people said, oh, the government is about to fall and then when we had fewer protesters because after all, it's a state with a lot of police, and they arrested a bunch of people beforehand, but when there were fewer protesters people said no, the government is winning. the reality is we don't know, there are plenty of people who are unhappy in iran and it may be 50%, may be 60% of the population and just because they didn't come out to a square on the anniversary, doesn't mean that they're suddenly happy with the government. on the other hand they're looking at people who like the government. so they are in a, you know, a period of paralysis and that by the way, kelly has implications for the nuclear issue.
1:54 pm
it's hard for the government of tehran, iran to come up with a coherent position they can hold consistently because they have the divisions with their own country, divisions among the hardliners, even. and ahmadnejad and others. >> kelly: well stated jim, i'm going to move the ball forward here, what does the bm administration need to do to lead the western world in its desire to keep iran from developing that nuclear weapon which would certainly be an unsettling blow to the piece that's being tried to the be established in the middle east? >> sure, no one wants iran to have a nuclear weapon and i think actually in this case obama's handled it well. because he's had to walk a tightrope on this. on one hand the more he tries to impose himself on what's happening on the ground there the more the government will use that against the protesters. they'll see look, it's all a u.s. foreign plot so he's kept some distancen i think that's smart. he's going to pursue sanctions and that's a political response, but he's also keeping open the possibility for negotiated settlement and those are the
1:55 pm
three things you have to do. >> kelly: thank you for joining us from myth today. very good insights for us, sir, we appreciate that. thank you very much. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> jamie: you ever wonder if there's a formula for love? well, there may be some stat tigses from australia, say they've come up with an equation to find out when is the best time to fall in love? get your pencil and paper and we'll share it with you, not at that kelly needs it, when we come back. @
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
>> your you ever wonder if there's a formula for love. some australia number crunchers, say they have one. get out your pencil. take the age you want to be when you were married, and how old you were when you started looking for a life partner. subtract, multiply .368 and add that number back to your younger age and optimum proposal age to maximize and statisticians say it has a certain percentage rate and i say buy the chocolates and give them to the person you have the best chance with. >> kelly: what's the way to a woman's heart, some say chocolate, flowers or diamond. and a man in minnesota went one step further. this is a giant heart you're looking at, drawn across the snowy field and made entirely of manure.


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